John Ammons
1831 - 1914
John Ammons was a Baptist preacher and school teacher who
served many communities in Buncombe, Madison, and
Henderson Counties.

He served as President of Mars Hill College for about two years
during the difficult time after the Civil War.

He purchased and moved to a farm near Morgan Hill in 1868,
and was pastor of Morgan Hill Baptist Church (while serving two
other churches elsewhere) and taught at the Morgan Hill

In 1897 he returned to Morgan Hill Church for five more years.

In 1908, he published a book,
Outlines of History of French
Broad Association and Mars Hill College
(Mars Hill College
Press, 1908, 2001, available from MHC Bookstore.)

See autobiographical excerpts from his book.
Picture of John Ammons, date
unknown, from John Angus
From These Stones: Mars
Hill College, 1856-1967,
p. 74.
Mars Hill College Press, 1955,
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