Lee Benjamin Arrowood
12 June 1876 - 17 October 1961
Bunc Co NC                    Bunc Co NC
Lee Arrowood owned and operated a country "dry-goods" store beside the
Barnardsville Road on the ridge just west of Democrat (a cross-roads community a
few miles west of Barnardsville, NC. I remember visiting the store in the 1950's with
my father, Roy Childers, when he was in need of nails or some other common
hardware item. The place was a unique treat for the eyes of a curious boy.

The building was a long rectangular clapboard structure, pale gray and weathered
-- perhaps it had been white sometime earlier. In front was a wide porch with
access via several steps up from the parking area. Inside, the walls were lined with
shelves holding all kinds of stock, including denim overalls (trousers with a front
"bib", to cover the wearer's chest area, and over-the-shoulder suspender straps of
the same material), which were the typical work wear for many of the older farmers.
I especially remember the nail bins, and Mr. Arrowood himself. He was a tall
slender man, rather dignified in manner, with a felt fedora hat and wire-rim glasses.
I think my father chatted with him for a while, but I was far too interested in the
unusual antique atmosphere to pay much attention to what was said.

   - Dwight Childers
                                                                                                             27 Nov 2009