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                                             J. Alfred Bradley
                                           1849 - 1937

John Ammons, 1908: "Alfred Bradley, a brother of W. T. Bradley, entered the ministry in his
mature manhood about the year 1880. He was full of enthusiasm, and soon developed into a strong
preacher; he has been very successful in revival work, and is a good pastor, more a builder than an
organizer, yet his churches have generally been in line in every department of work. He is still in the
work and is pastor of three or four churches."

-- from John Ammons, Outlines of History of French Broad Association and Mars Hill College, Mars Hill College
Press, Mars Hill, NC, 1908, 2001; p. 76.

Other Sources: US Census 1870 Bunc Co NC Reems Creek;
       Ancestry.com's OneWorldTree