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William K. Briggs
27 November 1827 - 1 Jun 1905
Madison Co NC             Madison Co NC
"W. K. Briggs was one of three triplets, sons of Thos. Briggs, of Ivy,
Madison County. He was converted when a young man, joined the
church at Little Ivy, and was baptized by Elder Wm. Keith.

"Under stress of feeling he began to talk in the social and
prayer-meetings; no one had thought of his ever making a preacher
till he was actually preaching -- it was a new departure.
"He was licensed to preach, but it was some years before he was ordained; he felt that he was called to
exhort, rather than to preach, and this he did with more power than any other person that I ever knew.
His life was rich in spiritual fruitage, a great portion of it being devoted to pastoral work, but during the
last few years of his life he retired from the ministry, saying that he felt that his mind, like his body, was
failing, and he feared that he might say something that was wrong. He died about 81 years of age,
mourned by a large circle of loving friends and a bereaved family.

"Brother Briggs served as pastor at Little Ivy, Middle Fork, Forks of Ivy, and Bethel, and was much
beloved by his people. His funeral was conducted by John Ammons, with whom he had been happily
associated for fifty years."

John Ammons, Outlines of History of French Broad Association and Mars Hill College, Mars Hill
College Press, Mars Hill College, 1908, 2001, pp.  61-62.