WNC History Timeline

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According to the National Park Service (http://www.civilwar.nps.gov/cwss/soldiers.cfm) in the accounts
quoted below, the following two regiments included . . . .

Elijah C. Childers
Nimrod Childers

“16th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

16th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 6th Volunteers, completed its organization at Raleigh, North
Carolina, in June, 1861. Its members were from the counties of Jackson, Madison, Yancey,
Rutherford, Burke, Buncombe, Macon, Henderson, and Polk. Sent to Virginia with about 1,200 men,
the regiment was assigned to General W. Hampton's, Pender's, and Scales' Brigade. It served in
many battles of the Army of Northern Virginia from Seven Pines to Cold Harbor, was involved in the
long Petersburg siege south of the James River, and was active around Appomattox. It had a force of
721 men in April, 1862, lost 33 killed and 199 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles, had 8 killed
and 44 wounded at Second Manassas, and suffered 6 killed and 48 wounded at Fredericksburg. The
unit reported 105 casualties at Chancellorsville, and of the 321 engaged at Gettysburg, thirty-seven
percent were disabled. It surrendered 12 officers and 83 men. The field officers were Colonels
Champion T.N. Davis, Stephen Lee, John S. McElroy, and William A. Stowe; Lieutenant Colonels Abel
J. Cloud and Robert G.A. Love; and Majors Benjamin F. Briggs and Herbert D. Lee.”

“39th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

39th Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Patton, Asheville, North Carolina, in July, 1861, as a
five company battalion. In November the unit moved to "Camp Hill" near Gooch Mountain where it was
increased to eight companies. In February, 1862, it was ordered to Knoxville, Tennessee, where two
more companies were added. Its members were from the counties of Cherokee, Macon, Jackson,
Buncombe, and Clay. The 39th took part in the Cumberland Gap operations, then saw action in the
Battle of Perryville. Assigned to Walthall's, McNair's, and Reynold's Brigade, it fought with the Army of
Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, then endured Hood's winter campaign in Tennessee. In
1865 it shared in the defense of Mobile. This regiment lost 2 killed, 36 wounded, and 6 missing at
Murfreesboro and had 10 killed, 90 wounded, and 3 missing at Chickamauga. During the Atlanta
Campaign, May 18 to September 5, it reported 16 killed, 57 wounded, and 10 missing. On May 4,
1865, it surrendered. The field officers were Colonel David Coleman, Lieutenant Colonels Hugh H.
Davidson and Francis A. Reynolds, and Major T.W. Peirce.”