WNC Timeline

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1 John Henry Childers (b 19 Sep 1895), 2 Wilburn G. Childers (b 1892), 3 Roy Hamilton Childers (b 14
Sep 1904), 4 Alida J. "Lydia" Childers (b 22 Apr 1901), 5 Gladys Childers (b 1898), 6 Edith Childers (b
19 Jul 1893), 7 Nimrod Childers, 8 Jasper Allen Childers, 9 Rebecca Cloer Childers, 10 Humphrey
Davis Childers,11 Sarah Elizabeth Keener (Childers), 12 Paul H. Childers? 13 Sarah Emeline Childers
Green, 14 William L. Childers, 15 William Perry Childers, 16 Lucinda Childers (Clark), 17 Ellie
Childers? 18 Mary Allie Childers, 19 May Childers, 20 Alden Childers ,  21 Edward Calloway Childers,
22 Lula Frances Lee (Childers)? 23 Mary Minnie Childers (McMahan)? 24 George B. McMahan? 25
Thomas Clingman Childers (son of Elijah) 26 Eliza J. Childers (Baker), 27 James Robert Childers?  

The photo is difficult to date. Opinions vary between 1903 and 1909.

If you can identify any of these  folks from other photos you may have, or if you believe there are errors
here, please post a note to the Facebook group "Childers and Their Kin in WNC" or send the
information to

Thanks to Stephen R. Childers for providing this photograph, and to Kevin Childers for assistance with
the identifications.