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General Ward + Elizabeth J. Mingus*           Manes H. Dawson + Denado Iva Nolin
        |                                                                |
William Thomas Ward*         +         Emily S. Dawson
1828 - 1904                      abt 1863*         1842 - 1907
Haywood NC Jackson NC
    Joseph Ward, b. abt 1864
Sarah Ward (John Smith), b. abt 1868

In the 1870 Jackson County Census, Qualla township, the Manes Dawson
household included wife Denado (67), Emily Ward (27), Joseph Ward (6) and
Sarah Ward (2).

In summer 1880, when Thomas Clingman Jr. was eight years old, neither Joseph
nor Sarah resided in the Childers-Dawson household. (See
1880 Census.)

William Thomas Ward    +   Margaret E. Bradley*
1828 - 1904                         1869               1854 - 1896
                                                     Cherokee NC  Jackson NC
                         Margaret Elizabeth Ward, 1871 - ?
                         Julia Ann Ward, 1873 - ?

James Elijah Childers + Lucinda Guilliams               Manes H. Dawson + Denado Iva Nolin          
     |                                                |                         
Thomas Clingman Childers +   Emily S. Dawson Ward
1 Jun 1852 - 15 May 1930       m. abt 1870-71    21 Nov 1842 - 30 May 1907
Macon Co NC    Haywood Co NC                                                                 Swain Co NC
                      Arnold Plains Cemetery                                                      Union Hill Cemetery

Thomas Clingman Childers, Jr (Bertha Lambert). 1871 - 1957
Mary Minnie Childers (James E. McMahan), 1873 - 1953
Manes Elijah Childers (Lillie Sutton, Mary Henderson), 1877 - 1952
Mattie W. Childers (Robert C. Reynolds) 1878 - 1963
Ella Childers (Baxter D. Morrison, Marion F. Stamey), 1882 - 1969
Minerva Lucinda Childers (Edward E. Clark), 1883 - 1944
William Perry Childers (Watson Allen), 1887 - 1970
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Note: In June, 1900, at the time of the census, the family was spreading out.

Oldest son Thomas Clingman, Jr., was already married and established with his wife Bertha, sons
Francis and Joseph, and daughters Edna and Emma in a cove west of the Oconalufty River, in
Swain County. According to a 1976 interview with Francis, this was either on Mingus Creek, or
across the ridge on Couches Creek.

Mother Emily and daughter Minerva Lucinda resided with son Manes Elijah Childers and his family in
Quallatown, Jackson County, NC. Manes Elijah was listed as age 24, born March 1876. His wife Lillie
was listed age 21, born December, 1878. Their daughter Mary was 1, born June 1898. Mother Emily
was 57, born November, 1842. Minerva Lucinda was 17, born November 1882.

The others were in Asheville, a town of about 15,000. Thomas Clingman Childers, age 42, daughter
Ella, 23; and son William Perry, 14, were with the family of his daughter Minnie at 21 Spring Street,
Asheville, NC: Jim McMahan, 40; Minnie McMahan, 24; Safroni G., 5; Nora B., 3, and Thomas C., 6
months. The house was occupied also by three other families, including Hendersons (other names
illegible on census list). On a 1912 map of Asheville, Spring Street was where Haywood Street now
runs west from near Patton Avenue toward the French Broad River (on the south side of highway
I-240). This neighborhood was (and is still) called Chicken Hill and served as the mill village for
Asheville Cotton Mill which was located just below by the French Broad River. Several residents of
21 Spring Street, including Thomas Clingman's daughter Ella, were listed in 1900 with occupation
"cotton mill". Fourteen-year-old Wiliam Perry was a "fisher". See a
photograph of Chicken Hill in

Also in Asheville were daughter Mattie and her daughter Julia, residing at 12 North Court Square.
Mattie was listed as "laundress". The occupations of other residents at this address included
another laundress, a revenue officer, a gardener, a painter, a dressmaker, and a house carpenter.

James Elijah Childers + Lucinda Guilliams                  Robert Hipps + Hannah Wells          
               |                                                                              |
Thomas Clingman Childers +   Annah E. Hipps
1852 - 1930                          m.1908          1853 - 1931  
Macon Co NC    Haywood Co NC                             Madison Co NC   Haywood Co NC  
Arnold Plains Cemetery                                                  Arnold Plains Cemetery

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Annah/Anita Hipps with
unknown child.