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U.S. Army, Tenth Mountain Division
Background (Photo Exhibit from Denver, CO, Public Library)
                                  Campaign in Italy

"The unit saw its first actual combat in Italy. Elements of the division began arriving in Italy
in late December of 1944, and after a brief training period entered combat, January 8,
1945, near Cutigliano and Orsigna. Preliminary defensive actions were followed on
February 19, 1945, by a concerted attack on the Silla-Mount Belvedere sector, and the
peak was cleared after several days of heavy fighting. In early March the division fought
its way north of Canolle, taking several more peaks, and moving to within 15 miles of
Bologna. Maintaining defensive positions for the next three weeks, the division jumped off
again in April, captured Mongiorgio, April 20, and entered the Po Valley, seizing the
strategic points Pradalbino and Bomporto. The 10th crossed the Po River on April 23,
reaching Verona April 25, and ran into heavy opposition at Torbole and Nago. After an
amphibious crossing of Lake Garda, it secured Gargnano and Porto di Tremosine, April
30, as German resistance in Italy ended. After the German surrender in Italy, May 2,
1945, the division went on security duty, receiving the surrender of various German units
and screening the areas of occupation."
   - from Wikipedia (http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/U.S._10th_Mountain_Division
More Photos from the Denver Public Library
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Edmund Childers's unit in the 10th Mountain Division: 604th
Field Artillery Battalion, Battery 'C'. ("Childers" is included in the
alphabetical listing of subjects, but the individual  location is
not identified. Nevertheless, have a close look at the rear row,
third man from the right, who is one of the many "unidentified".
Mule-train assembly area, Italy.
Artillery located in tunnel for defense
against aerial attack, Italy.
Men and Mules on the road, near Bologna,
Men, mules, with tank, near Bologna, Italy.
Howitzer located overlooking valley, Italy.
Heavy artillery, Italy.
Gen. Hays announcing victory to
troops at Torbole, Italy; May 3, 1945.
Pvt. Lawrence Lucas,
604th Field Artillery.
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Mountain Division in Colorado and in Italy.

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