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A Memorial Stone for Elijah Childers

27 September 2012
A memorial stone for Elijah Childers was placed 27 September 2012, at Union Hill Cemetery, Whittier, NC. Linda White
Ward, Fred Riesdorph, Gerald Childers, Dwight Childers, and Ben Ra gathered at noon, in glorious fall weather, to unload
the stone from Gerald's truck and maneuver it into place close beside Lucinda's grave, between that and the grave of their
firstborn and eldest daughter, Sarah Emeline Childers Green.

Ben and Fred served as our photographers while we wrestled, leveled, and backfilled the stone.

Then we dignified the occasion with a brief ceremony. Gerald read William Carden's wonderful 1861 letter, in which "Lige"
and "Nem" (Elijah's brother Nimrod) are mentioned. Both the original manuscript pages and transcriptions may be seen via
links on this page:

I read two poems: a late 1860's poem by Marie Lacoste of Savannah GA, "Somebody's Darling" and a later poem by Walt
Whitman, from
Leaves of Grass, "As Toilsome I Wandered Virginia's Woods" (both works addressing the special sadness of
unidentified Civil War soldiers buried anonymously). Then we moved to a shady spot across the road in the "new" cemetery
to enjoy lunch and conversation.

                                                                          - Dwight Childers
Upon Meeting at noon . . . .

L-R: Gerald Childers, Linda
White Ward, Dwight Childers,
Fred Riesdorph, with back to
camera. Photos by Ben Ra.
L-R: Gerald Childers, Linda White Ward, Dwight
Childers, all great-great-grandchildren of Elijah's.