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                          Crossing the River

[from an interview with Francis David Childers (Thomas Clingman Childers, Jr), taped by
Dwight Childers (
Roy Childers), December, 1975]

When I was little -- must 'a' been two years old, not over that. I remember --
how I done it I don't know. Ma and Pa had our bay mare, and we took that
mare . . . . and went across the mountain, up Lufty River, and across that
mountain, through the Indian Gap, that 'as the way we went. I know right
where it is. We went through there, a little low place in the mountain . . . .

. . . It came a terrible rain, come a great flood through there, down the Pigeon
River. Logs, rocks, and everything was comin'. They crossed that river.

Put Ma and me on that mare, and there 'as a big log a comin'. He said go on
out there; that mare 'll take you through. That log 'll get gone before you get
there. It did. It went on through, and I remember she laid me down in a bunch
of bushes. She sent the mare back. That mare went right on back, got Pa,
and brought him across.
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