WNC History Timeline

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www.childers-shepherd.org, 8 Apr 2008
Inscription at top: "F. D. Childers in 1917 on top of dam".
Inscription at bottom: "This man climbed through Ice mounting at 15 year of age".
(Possible Explanation: There is an Ice Mountain at the extreme southwest corner of NC, near Copperhill,
TN. Francis's father, Thomas Clingman Childers, Jr., had worked at Copper Hill, TN, when Francis was very
young. Francis's brother Roy Childers said, in a 1973 interview, "He [his father] and my mother went across
the Smoky Mountains, and I’ve heard him say that all he had when he was married . . . he had a steer and
a little mare. And they walked across the Smoky Mountains into Tennessee, Little River, Tennessee; they
was goin’ there, startin’ to Copper Hill to work in a mine. And she rode this little mare and carried France."
Perhaps Francis returned to that area at age 15.)

Signed: "F. D. Childers".