WNC History Timeline

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Crossing the River

When I was little — must ‘a’ been two years old, not over that. I remember -- how I done it I don’t know.
Ma and Pa had our bay mare, and we took that mare. . . . and went across the mountain, up Luftee
river, and across that mountain, through the Indian Gap, that ’as the way we went. I know right where it
is. We went through there, a little low place in the mountain.

It came a terrible rain, come a great flood through there, down the Pigeon River. Logs, rocks, and
everything was comin’. They crossed that river.

Put Ma and me on that mare, and there ’as a big log a comin’. He said go on out there; that mare’ll take
you through. That log’ll get gone before you get there. It did. It went on through, and I remember she
laid me down in a bunch of bushes. She sent the mare back. That mare went right on back, got Pa, and
brought him across.

Ad the’ ‘as an old house over there, and they ‘as blockadin’ – makin’ liquor. He said we’ll have to go in
here an’ stay the night. I didn’t hear it, but that was what Ma said. I must have been about dead. Well, I
remember now, this. We went in. Now these was men of men. The’ w’u’dn’ no jokin’. They was layin’ in
the bed, everywhere settin’ around was them big rifles, was right there, stickin’ up. I remember seein’
that. Now how could I remember seein’ that, ‘t that age. Must have been so strange, so much of a thing
‘t it just banged in there. [I was] about two years old, couldn’ ‘a’ been over that. They was carryin’ me.
Well, I don’t know what happened. We went on. I was too young to remember what happened after that,
but we stopped in the Sugarlands – Gatlinburg – we called it Sugarlands then, it was right above there.
Well, he went on down through there and rented a little old place somewhere in Tennessee. I never
remember what happened after that. He was huntin’ a way to make a livin’, a farm, or something like
that. He wa’dn loaferin’ He tended a little place down there a while, but I don’t remember after that what
went on. I don’t know where we went after that.