WNC History Timeline

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                                              His Mother

Well, she was a great shouter. We went to the Bradleytown Church one night and Thad Watson was
the preacher, and he could really preach the old time Bible. And Ma shouted. She couldn’t go much.
At that time they had to walk about eight miles. At that time she went down the creek and up to the
Bradleytown Church at night. I think he [Pa] went with her. I don’t know. But I was there, lookin’
through the window. Now, I was just a boy, like others. I didn’ go in much. I was outside. I saw her
shout. I ain’t never seen nothin’ like that. They slap their hands; they jump up and down, they look up
all the time. They’re as happy as they can be. You can’t understand ‘em hardly. They’re talkin’ out of
this world, I call it.

Well, they went on back home after that. Ma never did talk much. She had a lot to think about. She
kept it all goin’ along very well. Her part of it went along fine. She made all our clothes. He would do
what she told him to, buy the stuff. We had the money, and we raised sheep, sheared ‘em. Took the
wool to Whittier, and bought jeans cloth, and made our clothes. . . . Sewed ever’thing with her fingers.
[Jeans cloth] was red. Gray and red lookin’. Now that was all the clothes we had . . . . what she made
our coats with, a pattern she’d borrowed somewhere, from some other person . . . . the coats and
pants. Underwear was made out of plain factory cloth . . . women, girls, and everything. The’ was no
fancy panties then. No. If you want to hear that one. For nobody.

This mother of ours – I ain’t a braggin’ because it was our mother – was a woman. I ain’t never found
a woman like her yet. And I’ve been around some, buddy, more’n you think. How she lived, what she
done, I know. I was there the first one. How the men was with her. They was men there, but they
never bothered her. We had men, they was men, loggers, rough, mean as the devil . . . they never
bothered her. I’ve never found a woman yet in my circulation, boltin’, and stayin’ ever’where. Like
that. I watch ‘em, know what they do, pretty well.

It was the will to do the right thing to all humans. It’s born in her to do that, I reckon.