WNC History Timeline

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                     His Maternal Grandparents and His Mother

Now this grandmother on my mother’s side was a Reece before she married anybody. She was a
great woman of her time, Buddy. I saw her, I was with her. I went there to see her. I’d rather go there
as anywhere in the world. Well, she was a Reece. Homer Reece up here, that got burned up a while
back, was pretty close akin to her. But I went there to have a dance one night, and he told me all
about it, how much akin he was, who was, all about it.

She was about six feet tall nearly. Same size as our mother almost. Jane, Jane Reece. Now she
married Jack Lambert, the first one. He was hung, innocent. He never done the crime. Later years,
after he was hung – that’s giving you a little idea of our United States judgement – they didn’ get the
truth. They just hung him because he was in the crowd, they accuse’ him.

Whisky and women. Well, they was out that night . . . . that’s all I know about it. I don’t know where he
come from, or where it was out. He was that kind. He run with ‘em. He was there, and this man got
killed. And they accused him of it. Later, eight years after he was killed, I think it was, I remember it,
the man come in and surrendered, and said he was the man ‘t killed the man. Jack Lambert did not
kill him.

This Franklin feller, the next ‘n’ she married, I don’t know anything about him. That’s my mother’s
father, Franklin.

Oh, she was a goer. Yeah, I went there many times when I was small. A nice woman.
[She lived] . . . on Mingus’s Creek. A little log hut. It was the same life that we lived. They was diggin’
holes in the ground where it was too rough to plow a bull. That’s all we had them days, bulls.

My mother and Claude Lambert now was from Jack Lambert. My mother was from Franklin. She
married this Edwards, Sam Edwards, and they had four from him.

Franklin was a fiddler. Fiddled all his life, and made ‘em and sold ‘em and lived that way. Greatest
fiddler ‘t had ever been they said. That means he was a skilled mechanic, to do that. All them fiddlers
that goes to dances and things are really ramblin’ men; they don’t settle much. I know that by my own
experience. Joe, Joe Franklin.

My brother must have been named for him. My mother named me from a man, a general in the army
somewhere, the head man of the wars back in the old days, Francis Marion.