WNC History Timeline

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                                         Making Molasses

When we started making molasses in the fall of the year the cane had to be cut and the heads cut
off, and piled up and get ready to take a little ways, maybe three or four hundred yards to a mill, to
the cane mill where we had it set up, and have it all tied up so it wouldn’ be no trouble to get when
they started the cane mill. Didn’ want to stop it. Start makin’ molasses, had to make’em.

Had a furnace built, long furnace, ten feet or twelve feet long, and a big boiler set on that, and they
grind the juice — I was brought out at four o’clock of a morning. Jack Frost I remember was that high
and I’d push it down with my bare feet. Drive
that bull around the cane mill.

Then they made the molasses. They’d get the juice, pour it in the boiler, an’ cook it, an’ it’d get to a
certain temperature . . . a little instrument they had they’d pour it out and watch it and see when it got
thick enough. That went on for about a week. It’d take about a week to get ours done, then somebody
else ’d get the same outfit. Sometimes they ’d bring their stuff to our place, down there, the same
where the sawmill set.

Pa’s molassses was the best they ever made anywhere.