WNC History Timeline

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www.childers-shepherd.org, 29 Dec 2008
                                     Paternal Grandparents

Grandpa Clingman Childers was a man ‘t never said nothin’ much. I remember him. Yeah . . . he was
a tall, slim, stern . . . . ever word meant what he said. The’ wasn’ no jokin’. Now my grandmother, on
that side, o’ my father, was a little slim, kindl’ invalid woman. She [wudn] very stout, but she was
sweet. She was a good’n. And they had several children. [Her name was] Emily. The’ was Lige, Tom,
Perry, Cindy, Ellie, Mattie . . . . I reckon that’s all. I don’t know where we originated. I think we’re part
Irishman. I think his ancestors come from Ireland.