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This is a  transcript of selected passages from an interview of Francis David
Childers (1893-1983) which I taped in December, 1976, when I visited Uncle
Francis in Asheville. My father Roy Childers was present also.

In transcribing the sound of his voice to words on paper, I have resorted to special
spellings and punctuation in order to represent the sound of his speech as exactly
as possible. I have done this because his speech sounded beautiful and graceful
to me, and I wanted to convey as much of the actual quality as I could. I certainly
had no intention of creating any sort of comic “hillbilly” effect. I am very proud of
my own heritage as a mountain person, and trust that you will understand the spirit
of this transcription.

- Dwight Childers, December 1976

Version 2, including additional selections – 21 Nov 2005:


Life on Cooper's Creek
Walking to Whittier
Moving for a Better Living
Mother Teaching the Preacher
Crossing the River
Leaving Home
How People Lived
His Mother
His Paternal Grandparents
His Maternal Grandparents
Making Molasses
France, Joe, and the Panther
Other Panthers
Learning to Fish
The Runaway Flatcar