WNC History Timeline

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                           Walking to Whittier with His Mother

That was when I left there, where I said, to the Loftus place on Mingus Creek. At that time . . . me and
my mother took a trip to Whittier to get some medicine for one of the kids. Pa was so busy he didn’
have time. It was about thirty miles.

Well, I was the first one, six years old at that time. There was Edna and Emma, and Joe.  Now as I
said, we started on that trip, to Whittier, thirty miles, to walk, down the rough, muddy, rocky road. And I
remember there was a gang of sheep down there that belonged to Mr. Dowdle. My mother loved to
tease, an’ them sheep was friendly with her, an’ they come up to her and lick her hands. I was back --
I wouldn’ come up. She got me up where the sheep was and he licked my hand, an’ it scared me to
death. I was about eight at that time.

Well, now we walked to Whittier and got the medicine from Dr. Reeves  ‘t used to be at Canton, years
after that. We walked back then ‘til we got to Cherokee; we come through the Nick Bottoms and
around by Shoal Creek, Birdtown, and got to Cherokee. There was only one store there then, Mac
Jenkins, to the right of the road, comin’ in to the river, comin’ down ‘that way, from Birdtown. We went
in the store and she asked me what to eat, an’ I told her it didn’ matter, whatever she wanted. She got
a little money --she sold eggs and bought . . . and she got a can of peaches, one of them big ‘ns . .
cost fifteen cents, I remember. An’ we bought a chunk of cheese, as big accord’in’ an’ that long
[gestures] for a quarter, back there. Well, we eat that under a big sycamore tree, and I’ve always tried
to find the tree, as I went through there; it [wudn] there, all gone. Everything’s different. The only
landmark the’ is there, close to where we eat, is them posts, cement posts was there at the first
beginning of Cherokee, Yeller Hill, they called it. Must have been a hundred years ago that that
happened, that started.

Well, we went on back home from there, up to the Loftis place, where we lived.