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                         How to Catch a Trout

[from an interview with Francis David Childers (Thomas Clingman Childers, Jr),
taped by Dwight Childers (
Roy A. Childers), in December, 1976.]

Well, my daddy learned me how to catch a fish. The mountain trout,
the original, the speckled trout . . . .

You have to go away back to get 'em. Way back, and rough. You got
to have the goods. You got to be able to walk and to stand the rough
stuff. They're still up there.

When he started to learn me to do that on Bryson's Branch, on
Collinses Creek, right where the pant'er got us, he said:

"Before you start doin' this you got to get your mind set and be steady;
be ready before that fish bites."

I was just a boy; I didn't understand it much. But I got on to it pretty
quick. "Now be ready before the fish bites."
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