WNC History Timeline

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www.childers-shepherd.org, 4 Apr 2009
Descendants of Francis and Ethel (Clark) Childers celebrating the birthday of Fred Edward Childers,Sr.

To see a number-key, move the mouse-pointer over the photograph, or move it away to clear the numbers. (1) Fred Edward Childers (senior); (2) Yvonne
Quinn Childers; (3) Michael Childers, son of Fred and Yvonne; (4) Josh, grandson of James Carroll Childers; (5) Christopher Fichtel, son of Elizabeth Childers
Fichtel; (6) Adam Childers and (7) Christopher Childers, grandsons of James Carroll Childers; (8) Elizabeth Childers Fichtel, daughter of Fred and Yvonne; (9)
Ernest R. Fichtel III, Elizabeth's son; (10) Esther Williams Childers, wife of James Carroll Childers; (11) Yvonne Childers Kendrick, daughter of Fred and Yvonne;
(12) James Carroll Childers; (13) Jeff Kendrick, Yvonne's stepson; (14) Sherry Kendrick, Yvonne's daughter-in-law; (15) Andrew Kendrick, son of Sherry and Jeff
Kendrick; (16) Suzie and (17) Clark Childers, son of James Carroll Childers; and (18) Ernest Roberts Fichtel, Jr., husband of Elizabeth.