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Humphrey Posey Childers + Sally Hibbard            Benjamin Guilliams + Sarah Beasley
              |                                                   |
Elijah C. Childers          +              Lucinda Guilliams
abt 1830 - 1862                 m. 7 Nov 1849               1828  -  1900
Macon Co NC   VA                        Macon Co NC                 Haywood Co NC   Swain Co NC
Sarah Emeline Childers (J. Marion Green), 1850 - 1917
Thomas Clingman Childers (Emily S. Dawson Ward), 1852 - 1930
Nancy Lovada Childers (Casper Martin), 1854 - 1938
Reuben Allen Childers (Martha J. Guilliams), 1856 - aft. 1899

Notes: In 1850, Elijah, 21, and Lucinda, 22, resided in Tennessee Valley, Macon County; their
household included Martha Caler, age 85.

In 1860, this family resided near Webster, Jackson Co NC: Elijah, 30; Lucinda, 35; Sarah Emmaline,
10; Thomas Clingman, 8; Lovada, 6; Rubin, 4.

In 1870, this family resided at Qualla, Jackson Co NC, at census house #30: Lucinda Childers, 44;
Thomas C. Childers, 18, "farmer"; Nancy L. Childers, 16; and Reuben A Childers, 13, both these
two younger ones "working on the farm". Nearby are father-in-law Humphrey Childers, 65, at house
#26; and brother-in-law Nimrod, 39, at house #27.

However, the 1870 census for Savanah township, about 20 miles away, lists "Lucy Quiliams", 40,
with Benjamin Quiliams, 72, and Sarah Quiliams, 66. This, almost certainly (considering the age of
the parents), is Lucinda. Perhaps she was there part-time to assist her aged parents, as her own
children were old enough to take care of themselves and the home while she was away.

In 1880, Lucinda Childers, 53, resided at Ocona Lufty, Swain Co NC, with daughter Nancy L.
Childers, 26; (Reuben A. Childers listed as 23, but then lined out* by hand on the census sheet.)
Sarah L. Childers, granddaughter, 6; and Edward C. Childers, "granddaughter" [surely an error], 1.

*Note on Reuben, (lined out in the 1880 census, Swain Co): the column for disability contains what
appears to be the word "Institution" overwritten by what appears to be "Epilepsy". In this same year,
the census list for Asheville, NC, district 35, includes Reuben Childers, age 20, single, white male,
born NC, in a long list of convicts. Is this the same person? If so, why was he incarcerated?
Note on the name: "Guilliams" and "Quilliams" (or "Quiliams") seem to be used almost interchangeably in the
Jackson/Swain county area of North Carolina. The choice of one over the other here is quite arbitrary, and
subject to correction as more sources are examined.

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