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www.childers-shepherd.org,  29 Dec 2009
Above left, L-R: Minerva Lucinda Childers, nephew
Joseph Ezekiel Childers, time of World War I.
Above right: Joseph Childers, time of World War I.
Above and below: Joseph Childers, at far right, seated in the cab of the steam locomotive which he operated at
Champion Paper Company, Canton, NC. (The steam locomotive, a Bentley 2-8-2 Mikado built in 1909 and
designated as Yard Switcher #8, would be replaced in the early 1950's by a diesel locomotive, which he also
operated until he retired.) Thanks to Desiree Childers Davis for providing this photo (the view below is a detail of the
same photo), which was published by Champion Paper Company on a calendar page, and to Steven Childers for
details about the locomotive.