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Nimrod Childers
1830 - 1921
Civil War Service:

16th NC Infantry, Company A, wounded at Seven Pines, VA, 31 May

According to a story among his descendants, Nimrod had a wooden leg,
perhaps resulting from the injury at Seven Pines.

Company A transferred to the Thomas Legion Regiment 5 October 1862
and then later to . . .
39th Infantry, Company K, promoted to Full Corporal, 15 August 1863.

Note: Nimrod's brother Elijah was also a member of Company A. Records
say that he died of disease on May 9 (or March 9), 1862, on the march
from Wolf Run Shoals, VA, to Fredericksburg, VA. As Company A
comprised only about 140 men, Nimrod must have been present or
nearby when his brother died. About three weeks later, Nimrod was
wounded in the battle of Seven PInes, east of Richmond, VA.

Also, see
a letter written by brother-in-law William Bryant Carden from a
military camp in Virginia, October, 1861; the letter mentions "Nem"
(incorrectly transcribed as "Hem") and "liege" - probably the Childers
brothers Nimrod and Elijah, who were serving in the same unit.
Photo provided by Kevin James
Heath Childers.
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      Thanks to Philip Hoyt Childers for assistance with  this information.