WNC History Timeline

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                                          Roy Arthur Childers

Interviewed Fall 1973 by Dwight Childers

[How They Lived]

Well, we raised the most of the stuff what we eat. We had cattle, an’ back at that time you didn’t have
pastures. You had your crops fenced, and everybody let their cattle run in the mountains, an’ their
sheep and hogs, and they had them marked. I did know what his mark was, but I can’t think of it now.
They ’d mark the hogs’ ears and cattle ears. Every man had that different mark you see. They cut a
nick out of their ears, whatever shape – ever’ man had a mark just like in the west they have their
brands. They had a mark and thev marked their hogs then they turned them loose. Then when they
rounded ‘em  up in the fall, if they got somebody’s hog they ‘d turn it loose then. The’ [wudn] much
rustlin’ or anything goin’ on. Most of the people through there was honest.

We had our sheep an hogs, an’ we raised most of the stuff we eat. We picked berries in the wintertime
an’ made dried fruit -- we had our apples, all the apples we wanted, we dried fruit . . . .


Well, back then most of the people -- of course if they killed it in the wintertime they could keep it
longer. When they killed their hogs now, they dried the meat, they had their smoke houses. They
cured with salt and dried this meat. But a sheep, I think most of ‘em just divided it out among
neighbors you know. If they killed a sheep they’d divide it out among neighbors. When they got that
eat up,  another neighbor would kill a sheep an’ divide that out so that way, they had meat all the time
you see.

Then later on, He would kill a cow once in a while, sell it out, sell it out you know.
He made money . . .  well they’d haul a little tanbark, or cross ties to Whittier but they’d take the most
of it up in groceries. They had the general store down there, the man bought it you see. They [wudn]
much money goin’ on, not much money in circulation. They traded see. If you wanted a gallon of
kerosene oil -- I’ve took a chicken many a time an’ got a gallon of kerosene oil.


No, not that I know of not back in them days. They didn’t make enough income, they didn’t have no
income. The property tax was so little, it wasn’t much back then, you see, back in the mountains like

[Elections and Voting]

I never did hear him speak about voting now. I don’t believe that way back that they knowed anything .
. . or voted or anything. I don’t think they went out much for that. Never did talk about it no way. He
was a Republican all his life, ever since I can remember.