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                                          Roy Arthur Childers

Interviewed Fall 1973 by Dwight Childers

[His Paternal Grandfather]

Cling Childers. Clingman was my grandfather’s name.

Well, I visited him onetime. They lived on North Main St. in Canton . . . .  He was a big, tall feller, and
he talked freely you know about his Bible . . . and his mind was alert.

I was in my twenties, early twenties. He was in his late eighties, pretty close to ninety year old. He was
a big, tall skinny feller, but he was tall and pretty straight built you know. And he’d almost lost his
eyesight. As well as I remember, his eyelids had dropped down pretty low. But he set there an’ talked
freely with me about things. He was a pretty solemn man. He didn’t talk more than was necessary.
Talked about his future life and things like that. An’ about his age. He was rather alert.

I never was around him much when I was younger. I remember when I was that age I was interested in
him you know, like you are . . . our relations. And I was in my twenties and I was interested in talking to
him, and I went up there one time, told him who I was. He couldn’t see well enough to tell who I was,
and he seemed to relax to know that somebody had come to see him. All old people like for people to
visit them, you know.

He came from, as far back as I know, from Swain County. I don’t remember too much about our
conversation, but I do remember us talkin’. He ‘as settin’ on the porch.

[His Father’s Brothers and Sisters]

He had Perry and Lige. The ‘as jus’ three of the boys. The’ ‘as three girls, I believe. Aunt Cindy, Aunt
Mattie, and Aunt Ellie. And then there was Aunt Sary, but Aunt Sary, she was the oldest one of ‘em.
And we used to visit her frequently because we liked them very much, and they had two young sons,
was about my age, Grover and Frank. And . . . three of the girls.

I think he raised them in Swain County, around near Bryson City, but I don’t know where his home was
at. Somewhere in Swain County though.

[His Paternal Grandmother]

She was dead . . . . he ‘as married the second time. But I never did remember her.

[Childers Origin]

Ethel [brother Francis’s wife] over here at Oakley can tell you -- I wish you’d go over there ‘n let her
tell you . . .  She says that she heard that our forefathers come from Texas, that my grandfather’s
daddy come from the west, from Texas. She knows more about my people than I know myself. She
says now that they was two versions of that. She said that one story was that we come from the east,
and the other was that we come from the west. It could be possible that that version of it’s wrong.