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         Samuel Childers
                     b 1774-1784 d. unknown
A book called Annals of Haywood County states that  Samuel Childress came to Buncombe County
from Tennessee. - Stephen Ralph Childers
Here are facts which support the assumption that Samuel Childers was the father of
Humphrey Posey Childers:

'Samuel Childress'  was listed in the 1810 federal census of Buncombe County as head of household
including . . .
Free white males: 1 age 0-10; 1 age 26-45; 1 age 45 or older.
Free white females: 2 age 0-10; 1 age 16-26; 1 age 26-45.

'Samuel Childers' was listed in the 1820 federal census of Buncombe County as head of household
including . . .
Free white males: 3 age 0-10; 1 age 10-16; 1 age 26-45.
Free white females: 1 age 0-10; 1 age 10-16; 1 age 16-26; 1 age 26-45.

In both of the above census listings, Samuel is the only Childers/Childress listed. The spelling variation
is not important because different individuals recorded the two censuses. Note that in both listings,
there is a male child within an age range to be Humphrey Posey Childers, who was born about 1805.

Haywood County was created in 1808 from the western portion of Buncombe. So, we know that Samuel
did not reside further west than the boundary of current Buncombe County, at least up to the time of
the 1820 census.

Samuel Childers
purchased land in Buncombe County before 1810 and then sold it by 1820.

A very popular and charismatic young preacher named
Humphrey Posey was preaching and organizing
churches in Buncombe County beginning in 1804. Humphrey Posey Childers, born abt 1805, was
probably named after him.

What happened to Samuel Childers after 1820 is unclear. A Samuel Childers was listed on the tax rolls
of Richland Township, Arkansas County, AR, in 1828, 1830, and 1832. Another Samuel Childers was
listed in the 1830 Census for Mobile County, Alabama. But more intriguing -- in 1850, Samuel Childers,
age 74, lived in Warren County, Kentucky. His wife Susan was listed as born in NC. Next door, lived
Elisha Childers, age 44, born in North Carolina. Was Elisha the son of Samuel? Many sources believe
yes. These facts would tempt one to suspect that this Samuel is the one who lived in Asheville in 1810
and 1820, except that a Samuel Childers was already living in Warren County, KY, in 1810 and 1820.