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Samuel Childers's Land Transactions
in Buncombe County, NC
(Original documents are filed in the Buncombe County Courthouse.)

Note on spelling: In these manuscript deeds, the spelling of Samuel's surname varies from Childres to
Childers to Childress. That the same land is involved throughout would seem to confirm that these are all
the same Samuel.

The parcels of land described in these deeds seem, based on the reference to Smith Mill
Creek, to have been located a mile or so west of the French Broad River and just north of
the current Patton Avenue, approximately in the area of N. Louisiana Avenue and Dryman
Mountain Road.

Grant from Joseph Smith, 20 September 1807
Highlight: Joseph Smith gives some land to his son-in-law, Samuel Childers, who is already
living on that land. For more on the Smith family, including Samuel Childers's brother-in-law,
Samuel Smith, see
"Samuel and Mary (Jarrett) Smith" by Tom Jarvis.

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Purchase from Casper Hedric, 20 October 1807
Highlight: This deed provides details of location in the area of Lees Mill Creek, just west of
the French Broad River and north of Patton Avenue.
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Grant from North Carolina, 18 December 1807
Highlight: This deed is for land in the area of Smiths Mill Creek bordering Joseph Smith
(Samuel Childers's father-in-law), John Moreland, and Samuel Smith (Samuel Childers's
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Sale to John Moreland, 25 May 1813
Note: In the 1810 census, John Moreland lived four places away from Samuel Childers.
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Sale to Eve Smith, 26 February 1820
Highlight: By many accounts Joseph Smith had a daughter named Eve, so this may be
Samuel Childers's sister-in-law.
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Sale to John Dryman, 10 October 1820
Highlight: The land being sold is adjacent to Samuel Smith's land. (Samuel Smith appears to
have been Samuel Childers's brother-in-law.

(2) A one-acre graveyard is reserved from this sale.
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