www.childers-shepherd.org, 3 Aug 2010
This portrait was painted by Korean artist Dayho
Jang in New York City in the late 1980's. After
Ra and I visited my parents, we took a small family
snapshot, similar to this, with us back to New York,
and Ben asked the artist, who worked in the Fulton
Street area of downtown Manhattan, to paint the
oil portrait from the snapshot. When the work was
completed and fully dried, Ben and I delivered the
first version to my parents as a surprise gift. They
were delighted to have the portrait and very
appreciative. However, a day or two later, Mother
began to express regret that she had worn a
simple sweater for the snapshot, feeling that it was
too casual compared to my father's jacket and tie.
So we asked her to show us something she liked
more, and soon she appeared with this favorite
blue dress. We snapped a photo of the dress,
and, when we returned home to New York, took
the painting and the new photo. Back the painting
went to Mr. Jang, and a few weeks later we had
the skillfully revised painting. We delivered it back
to them on our next visit home a few months later.
Mother said she could not be happier with the
result. For many years thereafter, the portrait
hung in a prominent spot in their living room.

                       - Dwight Childers
                         3 August 2010