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L-R: Gerald Childers, Dwight Childers, Inez
Shepherd Childers, about 1948-1949.

This small house was built, mostly by Roy
Childers, on property across Bee Tree
Road from the family residence for the
purpose of rental income and investment.
Behind the house was a bold creek
(outflow from the Bee Tree Reservoir),
including an island with a corn field, and
beautiful woods. Across the creek, a small
mountain rose up sharply to a cottage
colony called Singing Waters. (One of the
cottages was occupied by Roy's youngest
Edmund and his wife Mary Shope

All of this made the area an idyllic setting
for boyhood adventures.
However, the landlord life was not always comfortable. Once, a somewhat dim-witted tenant built a fire under the
house in his effort to thaw out frozen pipes. Fortunately, landlord Roy happened by in time to head off disaster.