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                               Thomas Clingman Childers, Jr.
                                               19 Nov 1871 - 25 Nov 1957

Mary Jo Childers Harris (Joseph Childers), as told to Dwight Childers (9/27/2005,

Grandpa liked to plow newgrounds regularly, even after he was getting older and most people had
begun reusing the same field year after year. (Note: A newground  was a field that had been
cleared of forest and was thus very fertile due to the long accumulation of decaying leaves and
other organic material. Clearing newgrounds for farming was common practice among pioneer
settlers, when land was abundant and cheap, and commercial fertilizers were not available.)

He had a special plank with one end elevated a bit where he regularly took afternoon naps, with his
hat over his face for shade.

When the family still lived on Couches Creek, near Cherokee, Grandpa would often visit the
Cherokee families he knew who lived nearby. Also he liked to joke with the children of his own family
by calling them Indian names.