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Thomas Clingman Childers
     1 June 1852 - 15 May 1930

In 1880, young Cling Childers occupied forty-one
acres in Birdtown, Swain County. The land was
apparently claimed by his Uncle Nimrod Childers
and later transferred to William Penn Hyde.

Due to the establishment of the Qualla Boundary of
the Reservation of the Eastern Band of Cherokee in
1876, the land became the subject of a legal
dispute over ownership. For details, see . . . .

Land Troubles

Biographical Note:
By Roy A. Childers, interviewed in 1973. Audio

His death certificate listed the cause as "General
Arterio-Schlerosis" with Bright's Disease as a secondary
Signature from undated road petition. How-
ever, some census records indicate that he
was not literate.