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Joseph Dawson + Margaret [Unknown](*3)
Manes Hanley Dawson      +    Denada Iva Nolin(*2,3)
1805 (Rutherford Co) - 1888(5)      m. 1826       1803 (Rutherford Co) - 1888(5)
Margret Dawson (William B. Morris), 1830 - ? (*4)
                           Luiza Dawson, 1832 - ?
                           Eliza Dawson, 1836 - ?
Joseph C. Dawson (Violet Elvira Brown), 1838 - aft 1909(6)
                           Emily S. Dawson (Thomas Clingman Childers), 1842 - 1907
1  U. S. Census, 1850                                                                           
2  U. S. & International Marriage Records,1560 - 1900
3  Ancestry.com's OneWorldTree
HOBC, Vol II, p. 273
5 Notes of Elizabeth Childers Fichtel of her interview with Ethel Clark Childers.
6 US Census 1910.

In the 1830 Census, the Manes Dawson family is listed in Rutherford County. In 1850, they are in
Haywood County, and his occupation is 'Blacksmith'. In 1860, they were in or near Webster, Jackson
County, NC, and again his occupation is "Blacksmith".

According to Childers family tradition, Emily Dawson's mother was Donado O'Neill, the daughter of
Patrick O'Neal (or "O'Neil") who came to America from Ireland, working his way on a boat. However,
the available records do not support this belief. We find records of Manes Dawson's marriage to
Denada Iva Nolin, but no information about her ancestry. It is possible that "Nolin" was a name from an
earlier marriage, and that she was indeed the daughter of Patrick O'Neal (O'Neill), but we have no
documents to support that conclusion.

"There was in fact a man by that name [Patrick O'Neal] living in WNC in Burke County at the beginning
of the Revolution. He was enlisted in severaral different regiments throughout the war the last being
engaged against the Cherokee. He married Catherine Mitchell of Mecklenburg County on August 22,
1790. They are known to have the following children: Henry M. 10/12/1791, John F. 02/09/1793, Polly
06/15/1796, James M. 09/22/1798, Janey M. 12/22/1802, and Nathan C. 04/18/1803. Denado was not
listed. Patrick died March 5, 1813. He had several land grants in Burke Co." -
Stephen Ralph Childers,
Feb 2007.

Thus, we need more information in order to draw a final conclusion.

If anyone has more detailed information and/or sources about Patrick or his journey, please send
email to