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John Dever + Mary [Unknown]                                                 Joseph Green + Catherine Harrill
                   |?*                                                         |
William Henry Deaver           +               Mary Leah Green
        1846   -     1915                       1872                    1855    -    1924
Bunc Co NC         Rowan Co NC                   Rutherford Co NC        Rutherford Co NC   Rowan Co NC
                                Charles Boyce Deaver, 1875 - 1926
                                Clyde Deaver, 1876 - 1912
                                James C. Deaver, 1877 - 1898
                                Ninna Deaver (William P. Whitmire), 1879 - 1946
                                William Kate Deaver, 1883 - 1932
                                Charlotte Blanche Deaver (John Brown Orr), 1887 - 1965
                                Roy B. Deaver, 1890 - 1926        
                                Kittie Deaver, died as infant, unknown date
                                Ossie Deaver, died as infant, unknown date          
"When Mary and William were married, Judge Green gave his daughter $1800 and a horse named Nellie, worth $500. Now,
William had saved some money, so they put it together and bought a whole block in Asheville, beginning on Haywood
Street, from College to Walnut, to Lexington Avenue, back up College to Haywood again. There was a big white house
where the old Lerner Building now stands. Later this property was sold to a man named Pink Rollins. He and William were
good friends. In those days a man's word was his bond. Therefore, no papers were drawn up. A few months later, Pink
Rollins died and William lost his property and money.

"William and Mary bought a lot on Pine Street and built a house. This now is known as Furman Avenue. There they started
their family."  
                                                                                              -- Bernice Orr Bancroft.

* Some sources say that William Henry Deaver's parents were Reuben Deaver and Mary Louisa Henry; however his
birthdate is later than the apparent date of her death. Mrs. Bancroft says "In Big Ivey, N. C., in the year of 1846, William
Henry Deaver was born. His parents died leaving him and a brother Reuben. The boys were taken in by a great aunt. Both
boys grew up and William settled in Asheville, Buncombe County, and Brother Reuben in Marshall, N. C." There was a
William Dever, born 1844, to John Dever and Mary [unknown], with a brother Reuben, born 1838, living in Buncombe
County, NC, in 1850.

In 1910, William, 62, and Mary, 52, resided in Kent, MD, with James, Ninna, William Kate, and Roy.

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