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Nathan P. Downing + Jennie V. Newton                Andrew Winnie + Anna Winter
                     |                                                          |
Harrison Morton Downing       +   Mary Luella Winnie
   1888 - 1970                        m. 1926          1897 - 1986
                            Elizabeth Freadebaugh, Living
Helen Winnie Downing (Talmage Shepherd), 1927 - 1994
Pauline Winnie Downing, Living
                            Jack Downing, Living
Harrison Morton Downing and Mary Luella Winnie were both born in Willoughby, Lake
County, Ohio. They were married there in 1926. He died in Vero Beach, FL, and she died
in Cheverly, MD.

Source: Stephen A. Shepherd, "Descendants of William Downing".