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Thomas J. Farmer + Mary T. Morgan                         John Tucker Holcombe + Lucy Caroline Ross     
              |                                                                                    |
George Leonard Farmer              +             Mary Elsberry Holcombe
1880 - 1959                                                                  1885 - 1973
Bunc Co NC                                                                                               Bunc Co NC
Carroll Baird Farmer, 1907 - 1985
                                          Raymond Lindsey Farmer, 1908 - 1982
                                          Miriam M. Farmer, 1911 - 1914
                                          J. Ernest Farmer, 1913 - 1914
                                          George L. Farmer, Jr, 1922 - 1991
                                          Others possibly still living

Sources: US Census records, 1910, 1920;
        Ancestry.com's OneWorldTree.
George Leonard "Len" Farmer and his wife Mary were charter members of Piney Mountain Baptist
Church, and in 1910 were still living nearby. By the time of the 1920 federal census, the family was
living in Severance, Colorado, where he was employed in the booming sugar-beet business. He
wrote a letter to
Henry Taylor Shepherd to encourage others to move west to take advantage of
the abundant work. He mentions
Vernon and Ivora Shepherd Maney (Henry's daughter), who had
already moved west and were working there. He also asks about "the baby girl". As the Shepherd's
last child was Geogia Lynn, who was born in 1917 and died in 1918, the letter was most likely
written during that time.

Of this letter, pages 3-6 have survived (thanks to
Dale Rector and Phena Shepherd Howie for
preserving and providing this copy):
Letter to Henry Taylor Shepherd