WNC History Timeline

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                              Bertha Lambert/Franklin Childers

Mary Jo Childers Harris, 9/27/2005 (Joseph Childers):

Mary Jo remembers visiting her grandmother at the home near Candler as a young girl. She would sit
in the porch swing with Grandmother Bertha, swinging back and forth, joking and laughing. Bertha
was a very jolly woman.

She thought her father Joseph looked a lot like his mother, with the same “droopy eyelids”.

Dwight Childers, 10/8/2005 (Roy Childers):

My father Roy sometimes told how his mother would “shout” when the spirit of the church service
became very fervent.

He said that, with so many mouths to feed, she would often save up the hen eggs for a special
occasion so that the family could feast on many eggs at once.