www.childers-shepherd.org, 21 Oct 2011
How to Navigate from Page to Page
On any page, look for "links". Links are underlined words which, when clicked with the
mouse pointer, will take you to another page for related information. (If you move your
mouse pointer over a link, the pointer will change form, providing another clue that the
item can be clicked. For example, depending on how your computer is configured, the
pointer may change from an arrow shape to a hand shape.)

On the main "Front" page, family names are arranged in a list along the left side of the
page. Clicking any underlined and highlighted name will take you to that particular
family, or, when needed, to an index page for the family. Or, you can search for a
specific name by clicking "Search" to enter the name and see a list of related pages.

Except for the Front page, the most common links are arranged in a  horizontal bar at
the top of each page, including this one. (If you don't see the colored bar at the top of
the page, grab the vertical scroll bar at the right side of your screen with your mouse
pointer and scroll downward to see the bottom of the page.) Using these links, you can
navigate back to the front page, and to other pages for more detailed information
about the subject of the page you're currently on.

There are two main types of pages: "individual" pages and "family" pages.

On "individual" pages, look for "Parents" and, where appropriate, "Marriage" links in
the  navigation bar.

On "family" pages, look for parent-name links above the married couple's names. On
these pages, any underlined name can be clicked to take you to a page for the named

On many pages, there are additional links embedded in the body of text. These links
work exactly like those in the navigation bar, taking you to additional information about
the item.

Note on Accuracy of the information.