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Joseph Alexander Hopson           +          Cynthia Absenith Pritchard
1803 - 1892                    
c. 1824     
Mitchell Co NC   Buncombe Co NC         Mitchell Co NC
                   Benjamin Pritchard Hopson (Mary Jane Hughes), 1824 - 1917

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Joseph Alexander Hopson            +          Lany/Lancy Hoppis
1803 - 1892                  
c. 1830         
Mitchell Co NC   Buncombe Co NC         Burke Co NC
                    Henry L. Hopson (Acenath [Unknown]), 1831 - ?
                    Sophronia Hopson (Stephen Shook), 1833 - ?
Joseph Alexander Hopson, Jr. (Amarintha/Lauley Sprinkle), 1836 - 1892
                    Sarah A. C. Hopson, 1838 - ?
                    Nancy Lavada Hopson (B. Filmore Harrawood), 1842 - aft 1869
                    *Emaline Elizabeth Hopson (James Garland), 1844 - 1916
Dorothy Elmira "Myrie" Hopson, 1847 - 1928

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Joseph Alexander Hopson                 +              Olivia Jane Stanley
1803 - 1892                  
c. 1849?                 1824    -    1863
Mitchell Co NC   Buncombe Co NC         Mitchell Co NC    Burke Co NC - Bunc Co NC
                    Jason Stanley Hopson (Emma Burleson, Mildred Anders), 1850 - 1931
                    Jane Hopson (Mark Wright), 1852 - ?
                    Minerva Hopson (Marcus Hughes), 1854 - 1918
 Zebulon B. Hopson, 1858 - 1927
George Elisha Greenlee Hobson (Lula Ann Freeman), 1860 - 1935
In the census of 1870 (counted 18 July), Joseph Hobson (spelling is "Hobson" in this census), age 63, is a widower,
living in Little Rock Creek, Mitchell County, NC, with the following: Elmira Hobson, 21; Jason Hobson, 19; Jane
Hobson, 15; Minerva Hobson, 15; Zebulon Hobson, 10; George Elisha Hobson, 8; and Alfonzo Hobson, 1. (Alfonzo
was the son of Elmira Hobson by her cousin (Joseph's nephew), Thomas L. Hopson.) In 1880, Alfonzo worked as a
hired hand, age 12, with the family of John B/P. and Della O. Willis Morgan in Ivy, Buncombe County.

Whereas in the 1860 census Joseph Hopson was listed with the occupation of farmer, in 1870 he is listed as a
blacksmith. Minerva was counted again, age 16, on 4 August at the residence of her sister Nancy Lavada Hopson
Harrawood, in Ivy township, Buncombe County.

*Note: Elizabeth Hopson Garland's death certificate states that her mother was "Ollie Stanley" while Myrie Hopson's
death certificate states that her mother was maiden name "Hoppis" (no given name). However, the 1860 census
shows Elizabeth to be 16 and Elmira 14. Elizabeth's death certificate may be wrong due to an error on the part of the
informant who may have known only Olivia Stanley Hopson as grandmother.

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Thomas Benoni Hopson + Catherine Hoppes        Swinfield Stanley + Bridget Garland