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                 William Harvey Howie              +         Mary Strube
                          1833? -   ?                     1860?
                                              William H. Howie (Minnie Pittman), 1865 - 1935
                                              Agnes Isabelle Howie, 1868 - 1954

Sources and Notes:

Phena Shepherd Howie relates that her husband Doyle Howie said his grandfather (William H. Howie, b. 1865) was
an orphan who worked on a farm in Cabarrus County as a boy, but ran away west to Buncombe County due to harsh
treatment, worked in railroad construction, and  later married Minnie Pittman.

(2) The 1880 census of Cabarrus County lists the household of S. M. Stafford in Rocky River. Included are William H.
Howie, age 15, farm laborer, and Agnes I. Howie, age 12, servant.

(3) The 1900 census of Cabarrus County lists the household of N. Felix Yorke in Johns River. Included is Agnes Howie,
age 32, housekeeper, whose father's birthplace is listed as "Germany". Also there is "Law" or "Lawn" Howie, age 24,
servant, but his father's birthplace is given as North Carolina.

(4) Agnes Isabelle Howie died in Asheville, NC, 13 November 1954. Her death certificate (for which the informant was
C. M. Howie, Swannanoa, NC)  indicates that her father was William H. Howie, her mother was unknown, her birthplace
was Mecklenburg County NC, her occupation had been housekeeper in private homes, that she had lived in Buncombe
County for thirty years, residence at time of death was 232 E. Chestnut Nursing Home, Asheville, NC, and that burial
was in Bee Tree Baptist Church Cemetery.

For the following items, please note that Mecklenburg County, Cabarrus County, and Union County join in a triangle with
Mecklenberg on the west, Cabarrus to the northeast, and Union to the southeast. These notes
may or may not be
relevant to the ancestry of the Howies of Bee Tree Valley, Swannanoa, NC. They are offered simply as working notes. If
anyone can provide more information,
please contact us.

(5) The 1850 census of Union County, NC, lists Wm. H. Howie as a slave owner: 1 black male 47, 1 black male 30, 1
black female 18, and 1 black female 7.

(6) The 1860 census of Mecklenburg County, Eastern division, lists W. H. Howie, age 27, as farmer and head of a
household with overseer J. B. Horton and six Horton children ranging in age from 14 down to 7. Howie's value of real
estate owned was $1500, and value of personal property was $500.

(7) The 1860 census of adjoining Union County lists William H. Howie as a slave owner, with 1 black female 35, 1 black
female 17, 1 black male 3, and 1 black male 6 months.

(8) The NC Marriage Collection lists the marriage of William H. Howie to Sarah Winchester, 13 Nov 1860 in Union

(9) Ancestry.com includes a voluntary entry stating that Sarah Elizabeth Winchester was the daughter of George Allison
Winchester and Margaret Walker, and that she married William Henry Howie.
(10) The 1900 census for Clear Creek, Mecklenburg County, lists William H. Howie, 66; wife Nancy C. Howie, 49; son
John M. Howie, 13; and son Zemor Howie, 9. Marriage year was listed as 1874.

(11) The 1910 census for Morning Star, Mecklenburg County, lists William H. Howie, 77; wife Caroline Howie, 58; son
John Howie, 24, and John Mungo, hired man, 23.

(12) The 1926 death certificate of Mrs. Nannie C. Howie, 913 E. Third St., Charlotte, NC, lists her deceased husband as
William H. Howie and her year and place of birth as 1851, Mecklenburg County, NC.