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                                                                     Samuel Reece + Lucinda Church
                          Joseph C. Franklin + Louisa Jane Reece  
Bertha Elizabeth Franklin (Thomas Clingman Childers, Jr.), 1878 - 1942       

   Hugh Lambert + Nancy Raper                    Samuel Reece + Lucinda Church
                    |                                                            |
Andrew Jackson "Jack" Lambert        +           Louisa  Jane (Jennie) Reece
  1844 - 1886                       m. 1877/1884*               1853 - 1930
Note: In 1880, A. J. Lambert was counted with Lucy Ann Lambert, Ocona Lufty, Swain, and Andrew J. Lambert, 35,
miner,  was counted with the family of Burton Reece at Pigeon, Haywood, County.

                     Darco Lambert, 1881 - after 1925
                     Claude Clarence Lambert (Dicie Mathis), 1884 - 1921

John Edwards + Huldah [?]                     
 Samuel Reece + Lucinda Church
          |                                                               |
   J. Samuel Edwards        +       Louisa Jane (Jennie) Lambert
         1842 - bef 1917         4/19/1890    1853 - 1930
      Wilson Cornelius Edwards, 1891 - 1967
      Cora M. Edwards, Jun 1894 - ?
      Eddie Edwards (dtr), Sep 1897  - ?  
      Alpha O. Edwards (dtr), Oct 1899 - 1986?

Source: US Census Records 1880, 1900,  Oconalufty Swain County;
Social Security Death Index;
World War I draft registration for Wilson C. Edwards (June 5, 1917).

In any case, Bertha would have been a child of 8 when Andrew Jackson Lambert was hanged in 1886.

Marriage Record for Thomas Childers, Jr., and Bertha Elizabeth Lambert:
* "Childers, Thomas, 21, son of T. C. and Emilie Childers, to Bertie Lambert, 15, d/o Jennie Lambert,
on Jan. 29, 1893. Performed by J. H. Queen. Ocona Lufty. Wit. J. S. Edwards and William
Hensley."                    - Elise Jones Bryson,
Marriages of Swain County 1871 - 1905, Swain County
Geneological Society, Bryson City, NC. 2002.

Francis David Childers, speaking during a 1976 interview, recorded and transcribed by Dwight
"Now this grandmother on my mother's side was a Reece before she married anybody. She was a
great woman of her time, Buddy. I saw her, I was with her. I went there to see her. I'd rather go there
'as anywhere in the world. She was about six feet tall nearly. Same size as our mother almost. Jane,
Jane Reece. Now she married Jack Lambert, the first one. . . ."

"This Franklin feller, the next 'n' she married, I don't know anything about him. That's my mother's
father, Franklin."

"My mother and Claude Lambert now was from Jack Lambert. My mother was from Franklin. She
married this Edwards, Sam Edwards, and they had four from him."

"Franklin was a fiddler. Fiddled all his life, and made'em an sold'em and lived that way. Greatest
fiddler 't had ever been they said. That means he was a skilled mechanic, to do that. (All them fiddlers
that goes to dances and things are really ramblin' men; they don't settle much. I know that by my own
experience.) Joe, Joe Franklin."

In the
1900 census,  J. S. and Louisa Jane Edwards were listed #11 at the  house before #12, the
Thomas and Bertha Childers family.   

Sources: U. S. Census 1880, 1900;
Peggy Lambert;
Native American Census, Selected Tribes, 1894 - 1913, North Carolina, Yellow Hill, 1897, Darco Lambert age 15,  via;
Darco Lambert's 1926 application for enrollment with Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, via;
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