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Nancy Jane Lee:

Nancy Jane Lee was born in Cherokee County, NC.

Before arriving at Hampton Institute (HI) in 1894, when she was 17,  Nancy Jane Lee had previously
attended the Cherokee Boarding school, Cherokee, NC,  for one year.  She spent three years at HI
(from September 1894 until June 1897), and she participated in school outings during the summers
of 1895 and 1896.  

Her home record is listed as good.  She married James Passmore,  son of William Passmore and
Frances Lee.  

In 1920 the Passmores resided in Nantahala, Macon County, NC, among several Lambert families
related to Nancy Jane's maternal line. The US Census listed James L. Passmore, age 38, Nancy J.
Passmore, age 42, and nine children ranging in age from 17 years to 18 months.

By the US Census of 1930, when the family remained in residence in Nantahala, Macon County, there
were ten children. The 1932 Indian Census of Eastern Cherokees agreed with that number.

James Lee Passmore died 19 April 1935. His death certificate notes 'S' in the space for indicating
marital status, 'farmer' for occupation, and Aquone Cemetery in Nantahala Township, Macon County,
as his burial place.

In 1940, Linetta Dean, Superintendent of the Board of Charities and Public Welfare, contacted HI
officials in a letter dated Nov. 29 to ask for copies of Nancy's records and dates of attendance.  The
school responded on December 3, 1940. The letter mentioned that Nancy was 17 when she
arrived at HI in the fall of 1894.  The letter also notes that Nancy was placed on the "lost list" because
she did not keep in touch with school officials.
Nancy Jane Lee Passmore died 4 May 1967, at Andrews, Cherokee County, NC. According to her NC
Death Certificate, burial was in the Valleytown Cemetery of Andrews, Cherokee County, NC.

Sources: US Census 1920, 1930;
        NC Death Certificates.
The following account is based on notes about Hampton Institute students provided by historian and
university professor Jon Brudvig, Ph.D., whose assistance is much appreciated.  (See his website at

). See other sources listed at the end.