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Nora Lee:

According to Nora Lee's student file at Hampton Institute (HI), she was born at Big Cove, NC, on July
12, 1881. After attending the government school at Cherokee for three years, she came to HI on Nov.
26, 1896. Her father James Lee is listed as "a white farmer & preacher."  Her mother, Katherine Lee,
was listed as "part Indian."  She participated in four summer outings, the last three in Massachusetts.  
Her 1900 outing involved a 10 1/2 month stint working in Stockbridge, MA.  During this time she may
have met her future husband, Arthur Monroe.  

Nora left HI on Oct. 16, 1900.

After a visit to Cherokee in 1911,  Caroline Andrus, director of the Indian program at HI, reported that
Nora lived in Massachusetts. And "seems to have an excellent name among those who know about

Reports from Julia Lee indicate that she was housekeeper in Interlaken, MA. "Mr. [Arthur] Monroe has
a nice shop & they seem very happy."  -- Julia Lee to Caroline W. Andrus of HI. Later surveys indicate
the family was living in Stockbridge, MA. Arthur Monroe had his own business and the couple had
three children. In 1930, the Monroe-Lee family resided in Stockbridge, MA. The census lists names of
two sons and one daughter. Arthur's occupation is listed as merchant.

The last HI survey, 1936-1937,  noted that Nora did housekeeping work for a few families and earned
extra money as a seamstress.

One source indicates that Nora died in 1946, Arthur died in 1957, and their grave is in Main Street
Cemetery, Stockbridge, MA.

Other sources: US Census 1920, 1930 for Stockbridge, MA;
                   Ancestry.com's LauraLu121222.
The following account is based on notes about Hampton Institute students provided by historian and
university professor Jon Brudvig, Ph.D., whose assistance is much appreciated.  (See his website at

). See other sources listed at the end.