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                                                    Martin Maney
                                        1752     -      1830
Dublin, Ireland       Bunc Co NC

From “One Line of Descent from Martin Maney” by Carol Maney:

“Martin Maney is the ancestor of all of the western North Carolina Maneys. Martin was a soldier in the
Revolutionary War, and an Indian fighter. He was born in 1748.  No records can be found concerning
his parents or place of birth.  Martin was a resident of Washington, North Carolina, (now Tennessee)
when he enlisted in the service of the United Colonies at the Long Island of the Holston on December
4, 1775.  When he applied for pension in 1818, he stated that he was in the company of Captain
James Knox in the Eighth Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel Muhlenberg.  He testified that he
was in the battle of White Plains, Germantown, and Monmouth, and that he was discharged at Valley
Forge, Pennsylvania.

"In 1779, Martin reenlisted for three more years.  This time he served in the Ninth Virginia Regiment.  
Even after his term was over, he was called upon several times to take part in frontier Indian
skirmishes and to scout.  Maney also served under Lt. Colonel Burges Ball.

"In September of 1781, Martin married Keziah Vann.  They were married near Jonesboro,
Washington County, east Tennessee.  Martin was still in the army when he married Keziah.  Maney
was in a company cavalry stationed at Campbell's Station on big Limestone Creek.  In 1782, he was
drafted back into the army.  He served under Captain James Wilson and Colonel John Sevier to go
against the Indians and the Tories at the Tennessee River.  He returned home three months later.

"Sometime between 1790 and 1796, Martin Maney moved to Buncombe County, North Carolina. In
1796, his family was well settled in Buncombe County.  In 1810, Martin was listed as the head of the
family, but in 1820, Martin's oldest son was listed as the head of the family.  On March 16, 1821,
records show that at sixty-nine, Martin was blind.  Keziah was fifty-six.

"On April 15, 1830, Martin Maney died.  In 1832, the Maney residence was in Buncombe County, but
in 1833, part of Buncombe was formed into Yancey County.  The Maney's land was part of Buncombe
that formed Yancey.  On December 10, 1849, Keziah Maney died.  Keziah is said to have been one-
half Cherokee Indian.”   

Source: Carol Maney, "One Line of Descent from Martin Maney", HOBC, Vol I, pp. 261-262 (provided by Darla
Shepherd Jonas, daughter of
Leonard Blackwell Shepherd).