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Violet Elaine Bridget O'Flannagan Marshbanks (Cook)
19 November 1919 - 4 August 2006
Violet Marshbanks Cook was among those who
first collected information about the ancestry of
'our' Shepherds (those who came from Yancey
County and settled in the area of Hobson Branch
and Stockton Branch in northern Buncombe
County, NC), as well as her own and other
families, and wrote it down in a careful and
organized manner for
The Heritage of Old
Buncombe County, Vols I & II
, Doris Cline Ward,
Editor, 1981, 1987. This website is deeply
indebted to her for her important contribution to
the ongoing effort to remember our ancestors.
Autobiographical Notes
from her 1982 poetry collection.
Photo (or drawing?) from "Home: Poems by Violet
Marshbanks Cook", 1982. Art by Ruth Wilson Boone
Selected Poems
from her 1982 poetry collection.