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Selected Poems by Violet Marshbanks Cook, from her 1982 Collection:
"Home: Poems by Violet Marshbanks Cook"
copyright Violet Marshbanks Cook, 1982
(Special thanks to Phena Shepherd Howie for providing the booklet, found among papers of Bergie
Shepherd Hobson, inscribed "To my dearest Aunt Bergie. Violet M. Cook, 7-4-82")
She Stood Against A Cold Stone Wall

She stood against a cold stone wall
Like a python waiting for its prey.
She stood - and the velvet of her dress
A soft rustling made.
Soft - but not so soft
But that the oncoming stranger heard.
He paused ... He listened ... And he lingered ...
Though he never said a word.
A shadow came o'er the moon,
And darkness covered all.
And when the shadow was removed,
They were lost
Among the darkening wall.
My Favorite Day Is Sunday

My favorite day is Sunday.
I get to dress so fine!
I pretend that I'm a lady
And have the bestest time!

On the East Hill
Dad planted our wheat.
And this winter we'll have
Biscuits with meat.
The Old Swimming Hole

In the creek by the mill
Is the old swimming hole.
We would run up the hill
With our old fishing poles.
We would sit hour by hour
'Neath the sun shining bright.
In my hair was a flower
That you pinned just for spite.

When our fishing was done,
We would throw down our poles
And plunge with a run
In the old swimming hole.
With the water so cool
And the scenery so bright,
We would stay in the pool
Till the day would turn night.

Then homeward we would go
With our old fishing poles
And our faces aglow
From the old swimming hole.
We would dine upon quince,
Cherries, peaches, and pie,
And then with a pinch
We would whisper, "Good-bye!"

Many years have gone by.
You and I have grown old.
And I look with a sigh
At the old swimming hole.
But the world is not bleak.
It is still gay and bright.
With a kiss on my cheek,
You will whisper, "Good-night!"
Old Bossy

Old Bossy, old Bossy,
Old Bossy, so red,
You're wading in grass
High over your head.
You're wading in water
So cool and so deep.
And now in the sunshine
You stand fast asleep.