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VIOLET MARSHBANKS COOK: Autobiographical Note
From “Home: Poems by Violet Marshbanks Cook,” 1982
    I was born In Forks of Ivy Community, Rt. 2. Weaver-
  ville, N. C., Nov. 19, 1919. I attended Shanghai School
  on Jupiter Road and Flat Creek Elem. and High School
  where I graduated In 1938. I graduated from Mars Hill
  College where I received my A. A. Degree in 1942, and
  Berea College, Berea. KY., where I received my A. B.
  Degree in 1949. In 1953, I graduated from Pack Square
  Beauty School in Asheville, N. C., and in 1954, I passed
  the State Board Exam, in Raleigh, N. C., and received
  my Cosmotology license.
    In Feb., 1949, I began teaching Lang. Arts at Belmont
 High School, Belmont, N. C., in Gaston Co. In the fall of
 1949, I began teaching Lang. Arts at French Broad High
 School, Alexander, N. C., which, in 1955, became French
 Broad Elem. School where I taught for 26 years. I am
 presently teaching Lang. Arts and Social Studies at Bar-
 nardsville Elem. School, Barnardsville, N. C., where I
 have been employed for the last seven years.
  On Aug. 12, 1950, I married Clifton Cook, son of Starling
 and Mettie Shelton Cook. He is employed as a deputy for
 Sherriff E. Y. Ponder in Madison County, N. C.
  We have two adopted daughters: Jennifer Ann Cook born         
 Aug. 6, 1963, who is a student at Western Academy of Hair         
 Design, Asheville, N. C., and Rebecca Elaine Cook (Mrs.         
 Scottie English) born Feb. 4, 1960, who has a daughter:         
 Stephanie Elaine English born Sept. 30, 1980.

[From “Foreword” to “Home: Poems by Violet Marshbanks Cook”]

     I have been interested in writing ever since I
 can remember. At age eight, I wrote a short story,
 “Love in the Moonlight.” It was about the romance
 of one of my older sisters and her beau, but when
 I read it in my sister’s presence, it disappeared -
 never to be heard of again.
     At age ten, I wrote and directed several plays
 that were acted out by “the gang.”
     At age fifteen, I entered two short stories in a
 “Writer’s Digest” contest. Their titles were: “The
 Absent-Minded Mrs. Smith” and “Pa Goes Hay-Wire.”
 Neither won anything, and from their defeat, I
 guess I died a little.
     All through school, I continued writing short
 stories and poetry. I tucked them away in my trunk.
 So writing became only a secret between my trunk
 and me.
     Over the years, I have written literally hundreds
 of poems and songs, and in 1982 with boldness, I am
 publishing my first book of poems. These poems are
 a variety written at different ages, over a span of
 many years reflecting many moods.
     I hope you will like them all!

Violet Elaine Marshbanks Cook, 1982