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Nicholas Woodfin McElroy + Laura Samantha Deaver                  Robert Vance Blackstock + Mary C. Weaver
                                   |                                                                                |
James Osborne McElroy         +         Julia Hamoleketh Blackstock
1866    -     1932                                                            1869     -      1927
Madison Co NC    Bunc Co NC                                                                       Bunc Co NC         Bunc Co NC

                                      Cecil Blackstock McElroy (Ada Myrtle Cutts), 1889 - 1961
                                      Mary Laura McElroy, 1892 - 1975
                                      Kittie Sue McElroy, 1893 - 1990

The McElroy-Blackstock home was a large, old white clapboard house with a green roof -- two-story,
Victorian-style -- which sat close by the old Barnardsville Highway (NC 197) just east of its
intersection with US 19-23 (now "Future I-26") until the house and land were taken by the
construction of the new Barnardsville Highway in the 1950's. Both McElroy sisters ("Miss Mary", and
"Miss Kittie Sue", to me) still resided there when I began attending Flat Creek School in 1952.

Miss Mary taught first grade at Flat Creek (on a hill nearby to the west on Jupiter Road, just across
19-23) as she had done for decades, giving successive generations of local children their first taste
of formal education. While I had started school at Swannanoa and thus had missed the benefit of
her instruction, I gathered that she was much loved and respected, and I saw enough of her and her
charges at recess, in the hallway, and at school assemblies in the gymnasium to know that she was
both gentle and firm. She presented a very pleasant appearance, compact in stature, always neatly
dressed in becoming skirts and blouses and stylish wedge sandals, with her graying brown hair cut
to a neat length. Her penetrating brown eyes were framed by eyeglasses of an up-to-date style, and
her slightly tan complexion gave her a vigorous air.

Miss Kittie Sue was manager of the Flat Creek School cafeteria in those same years. She was a bit
taller than her older sister, with wavy gray hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, and always wore a starched
white dress at work. She welcomed her lunchroom customers with a cheerful and warm-hearted
manner, usually as one of the servers at the steam-table line, dishing up the mashed potatoes,
meat loaf, green beans, and jello (with banana slices), or whatever was on the menu for the day.

Cecil B. McElroy's death certificate lists his occupation as farmer, and his burial place as the
Blackstock Cemetery, Weaverville, NC. Miss Mary's death certificate lists that same burial place.

                                                                                          - Dwight Childers
                                                                                            28 Dec 2009
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Grave photos from Blackstock
Cemetery, Jupiter, NC, via