George Lafayette Palmer + Nancy Jane Caldwell                          Alden P. Childers + Margaret R. Kimsey
                                   |                                                                     |
Jarvis Linton Palmer             +             Velma R. Childers
                1882 -  1946                                                         1894 - 1961  
                                            Living Palmer son
                                            Living Palmer daughter    

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The Palmer and Caldwell families were among those who lived in the
historic village of Cataloochee before it was taken into the Great Smoky
Mountain National Park in 1934.     

R. Gerald Childers discovered the Palmer-Childers connection in a book about Cataloochee
Reflections of Cataloochee Valley and Its Vanished People in the Great Smoky
, by Hattie Caldwell Davis; Mass Market Paperback, 1999.

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