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[Found in Book 1 of Piney Mountain Church records.....]

Persuant to a call from the building committee and trustees of Piney Mountain Church for the 27th day of
March 1902. The undersigned met for the purpose of organnsing a missionary baptist church on the
ground dedicated for said purpose having officially invited
Elder W.T. Bradley to afficiate the organization
of said church. Meeting was cauled to order by Col. W. L. Lowery. W. J. Beachboard acting as
Secretary. Sermon by Rev. W. T. Bradley from Revelation. The Eld W. T. Bradley proceeded to organise
a church with the following assistance Bros A. Lockhart and N.M. Kilpatrick From Flat Creek T.C.
Morgan J.H. Woodward and O.T. Bell as deacons from Antioch. J. W. Shepherd. Deacon from Morgan
Hill after which the church covenant and articles of faith was then read. Then was declared a duly
organised church. After Eld W. T. Bradley having _________ ask each deacon if they need any reason
why Piney Mountain Missionary Baptist Church should not be organised at this time and place and each
Bro Deacon composing the presbyter answering the question no. Endorsed by the presbyter composed of
the following brethren
W. T. Bradley
A. Lockhart
N.M. Kilpatrick
James H. Woodward
O.T. Bell
T.C Morgan
J. W. Shepherd.
__________________ by the Presbyter, the following members was then received by letters.
J. M.
Burnett and wife Mary Burnett, Cora Burnett, Ebb Burnett, from Ivy Hill James Beachboard and L.E.
Smith Morgan Hill,
Deacon E. B. Chambers and wife Leona Chambers Paint Fork. A. M. Goldsmith and
wife Lurnie Goldsmith, M.N. Bradly and wife Dinnie Bradly Curtis Bradly, Forks of Ivy. A.A. Morgan
L. Farmer and wife M.E.Farmer Forks of Ivy Eliza Shroat Forks of Ivy Deacon J. W. Shepherd and wife
M. L. Shepherd. Jennie Shepherd, L.J. Shepherd, Fred Shepherd Morgan Hill. Deacon O. T. Bell and
wife Mary Bell. O.B. Bell C.C.Bell J. K. Bell Antioch. Sarah Buckner Forks of Ivy F.M.Stockton and
wife Emaline Stockton F. L. Stockton Saphronia Stockton Antioch Ester Burnett Antioch A.R. Bradly and
wife Alice Bradly Forks of Ivy.

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Then went into an election for pastor which resulted in the Election Rev. W. T. Bradley. G. L. Farmer was
Elected Church Clerk
By Motion Adjourned
W.T.Bradley, Mod. W. J. Beachboard Church Clerk Protem.

Tom Kess was the carpenter who did the carpenter work on the building of Piney Mtn Church.

The lumber was sawed by Mr John Keith who had a sawmill on Morgan Branch.
and they met in the vacant house of Uncle Marion Stockton's on the branch below the road now. (This
1975) before the church house was built.  [Don't know who put the ( ) in this, but must have been added

Col. W. L. Lowery gave the church its name Piney Mountain because of the beautiful pine trees around the

In the 1920's  when the front Sunday school rooms were built
Uncle Lewis Allman gave the trees to be
sawed for the lumber and Uncle Jim Buckner sawed them into the lumber and Mr. Elbert Chandler was
the carpenter the men helping.