www.childers-shepherd.org, 16 Nov 2011
                               Privacy Issues and Concerns

These pages are public, in the sense that any computer user who knows about them can view them
without any restrictions whatever. The advantage is easy access. The disadvantage is that we have
no actual control over who views the pages and/or might copy information or photographs for
unknown purposes. (Copyright provides legal recourse in the event of piracy, but that is probably not
much of a concern.)

The most important subjects of these pages are our departed ancestors, but we also include many of
our older living generations as well because they are needed to provide points of reference for the
younger generations who may wish to explore their family’s heritage. (In at least one case, we have
five living generations; to exclude all of those, would leave the younger ones with little familiar
connection to the past.)

However, to protect the privacy of these living ones, we will generally list only names, while omitting
dates and any information about residence location. If photographs are provided to us by the owner,
then we will use them according to the same restrictions.

Should you find your name and/or photo included on these pages and you prefer that it not be,
please do not hesitate to request its immediate removal by contacting